Proposal Illustrations

I often help with project proposals creating concept art or illustrations that are easier to understand than pages and pages of text that attempts to describe the picture, but actually just confuses the reader. I'll often use multiple renders from Unreal or 3ds Max composited and polished in Photoshop.

Tom miller vivestealthgame

NSA espionage game concept for Vive VR

Tom miller fuelstoragebot02

Underwater drone inspecting nuclear fuel rods

Tom miller container gamma

Representing gamma radiation fields detected around a suspect container.

Tom miller vh hero military01

Military operation scene built in Unreal Ed

Tom miller 1920heroimages mba

Moon mission scene built in Unreal Ed

Tom miller flyer nrc forceonforce2

Security team training scene built in Unreal Ed

Tom miller iaea controlroom01

Nuclear reactor control room concept

Tom miller ar baseball

AR virtual batting trainer concept